5 Apps and Products To Make Waking Up Easier

Pulling yourself out of bed in the morning is no easy feat, particularly in the dead of winter. Fortunately, there are technological innovations to help us adjust, even if you did go to bed two hours earlier because it was already dark at 4 p.m….

We’ve rounded up five apps and products that will make those early mornings slightly less laborious.


Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew

best morning appsPhoto via Mr. Coffee

Brew coffee from the comfort of your own bed with this Wi-Fi-enabled coffee maker. You can control your java brewing from your phone, and wake up to a freshly prepared cup…or cups.

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Philips Wake-up Light

best morning appsPhoto via Philips

Wake up calmly to a gradually brightening room. This device mimics the rising sun! The gradual illumination prepares your body for wake up, and is clinically proven to make your experience more pleasant. It can also be paired with natural wake-up sounds for an even more soothing wake-up.

Sleep Cycle app (iOS and Android)

best morning appsPhoto via Sleep Cycle

If you can’t seem to get out of bed without wanting to immediately crash to the floor, your wake-up timing is probably off, even if you are getting your eight hours of sleep. Getting pulled out of the depths of your REM cycle by a loud alarm can be a real nightmare. After presetting a window of time you’d like to awaken, this alarm app measures your sleep cycles throughout the night and gently wakes you up during your lightest cycle, so you’re not a groggy mess in the morning.

HabitClock app (iOS only)

best morning appsPhoto via HabitClock


What’s just as important as waking up during a better part of your sleep cycle? Maintaining a simple, yet productive morning routine. This free app is a hybrid to-do list and alarm clock that’ll walk you through each element of your custom routines after you’ve turned off your alarm. It’ll even count down a predetermined time allotted for each task to make waking up (and getting ready) easier.

SpinMe Alarm Clock (iOS and Android)

best morning appsPhoto via SpinMe Alarm Clock

If you’re not the type to be gently woken up because you won’t actually wake up until someone is shaking and screaming at you until you do, this alarm clock app is for you. No more hitting the snooze button repeatedly! The alarm won’t turn off until you’ve actually vacated the bed and spun around a few times. Just don’t get so dizzy you have to lie down again…

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What apps or products do you use to wake up?

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