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morpholio journal digital sketchbook appFrom the app designers who brought us the collaborative Board 2.0, Morpholio is once again introducing a new free app for creatives of all kinds called Journal. With the effortless ability to record, organize, sketch, and brainstorm ideas along with photos, images, or text, the app is redefining the sketchbook.

“Most creative processes are anything but linear, and rarely isolated. Creatives, and designers in particular, need a free flowing workspace that is open to whatever media the world has to offer, more often than not, a mixed media,” says Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-Creator.

“What if you want the freedom to combine the treasure-trove of photos, images, hand sketches, and drawings you are capturing everyday into one ultimate platform?”

That’s exactly what you’ll find from the new app, which unleashes five super tools for creatives:

morpholio journal digital sketchbook app1. Sketch on anything, anywhere.

Journal users don’t have to start with a blank canvas; they can sketch and write on virtually any media, including photos or other images. The sketch formed atop of another surface will literally move, twist, and scale with the image it’s on, so you can build the ultimate archive of inspirational ideas, layer by layer.

morpholio journal digital sketchbook app2. “Ludicrous speed”: Rapid Fire Viewing  

With the app, you can explore your infinite number of sketches, images, notes, photos, and thoughts by viewing all of them at lightning speed with the touch of a finger. The ultra fast, highly optimized page-turn interface makes your entire book accessible to discovery and review within seconds.

morpholio journal digital sketchbook app3. Designware: The Designers’ Set of Essential Pens, Pencils and Color Palettes

The app also includes some nifty tools for all types of creatives; for example, there are eight pens, brushes, and pencils, including chisel markers, charcoal, and other rendering tools for designing your digital masterpieces. Each tool has it’s own unique, carefully calibrated line types, which is perfect for designers who need to sketch with fine detail and diagram with precision. The sixteen color palettes, which were created by award-winning graphic designers, offer a stellar arsenal of pixel ink for artists.

4. Collage Madness

Are you a collage fan? You can now put those 1,000 photos you’ve archived, but haven’t posted to your Facebook or Instagram wall yet with the Journal app’s collage tool. Re-mix any number of visual media for a totally new, sophisticated look, then build on the images with the drawing and painting platform for a killer mood board or scrapbook layout to preserve your everyday findings and thoughts.

morpholio journal digital sketchbook app5. Super Notes

Depending on the day, we all have thoughts that depart our brain almost as soon as soon as they’ve entered, so why not record those sporadic moments of inspiration daily? Of course, organizing and noting are essential to journaling, so Morpholio has incorporated sleek technology to make writing easy and even legible, so it’s still an integral part of thinking with your hands. You can add notes anywhere on or off a page, and write anything from paragraphs to simple notes to mark your place. In addition, you’ll find calendar, notebook, grid, and task list templates to keep your jumbled thoughts organized.

Watch the Journal app in action with Budapest graphic designer Sophie Kelle:

Morpholio Journal : Sophie Kelle from The Morpholio Project on Vimeo.

Download the free app via iTunes here.

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What would you create with this app?


Photos courtesy of Morpholio



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