Tech Tuesday: Neurio Turns Your Ordinary Home into a Smart Home

neurio app

Do you have trouble remembering to turn off the lights or oven? We’ve all been there. Until now, you needed a home furnished with smart appliances to control your energy consumption and get any useful feedback via your smartphone. But a device called Neurio claims to make any ‘ordinary home smart.’ The $250 gadget allows users to keep an eye on everything electrical in the home, and even tells you when you’ve accidently left lights (or your oven) on.


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With the Neurio sensor, you don’t even have to purchase any additional smart appliances. You can monitor and control the regular, old electrical appliances you already own. The device plugs into your breaker or circuit box, and gradually learns to recognize different gadgets and appliances in your home. Users can help the Neurio identify the various electronics by turning their respective power sources on and off while entering the name of the device into the free smartphone app.

neurio app

Based on an algorithm that uses crowdsourced information for recognizing different types of appliances, such as the specific electronic signature of your microwave or washing machine, Neurio can also learn on its own as well. Once it has been properly trained to identify all of your energy consuming appliances, users can start to see which home devices are sucking up the most energy at different points in the day. It measures both differential voltage and current signals every split second, and then uses that data to calculate power and energy consumption.

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The app can remind you to turn off the lights or appliances before heading to bed, let you know when to change your clothes over to the dryer once they’ve been washed, and you can also make sure the oven or air conditioning unit is turned off while you’re away. The company says that some users have been able to save as much as 44% on their energy bills. Because it is open platform, Neurio works with any smart home gadgets like Nest products, and also the SmartThings hub, Spark, and IFTTT to enhance already smart devices and optimize energy savings. For example, opening your garage door could trigger your newly connected home to turn on the entry hall light when arriving late at night.

The app is currently available for iOS and Android devices, and you can purchase the Neurio device for $250.

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