Light installation cheers subway station
New Mexico-born Leo Villareal’s art project, titled ‘Hive,’ has given the Bleecker Street subway stop a disco vibe.
via The Architect’s Newspaper

Mass transit in New York City is famously dreary. The homeless and investment bankers are packed in any subway station, elderly women glare unsuccessfully at defiant young men, and there’s always the loud tourist family, gawking and taking photos. Clearly they have not heard of the most important Unwritten Subway Law: No talking.

Fortunately, the Bleecker Street subway station has something that will distract you from the daily humdrum. Artist Leo Villareal has installed a lighting installation on the ceiling of the passage from one uptown train to another. Thin LED tube-lights zip through a random colored patterns; the changes are powered by an encoded computer program. Fluorescent yellow quickly becomes fuchsia, and the effect is truly hypnotic. The colorful honeycomb-shaped project, says Villareal, is intended to depict the interaction of reproduction, life and death. Perhaps the installation will also interact with timely trains.

Light installation cheers subway stop
Tube-lights change lights a la “2001: A Space Odyssey”; the patterns are generated randomly by a computer program.
via The Architect’s Newspaper

What do you think of this new light installation in the Bleecker Street subway station?


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