new microsoft logo design

There has been a decidedly divided reaction to the new Microsoft logo that was revealed at the end of August. We personally thought it was boring, even though it was more streamlined and could easily transition through all their divisions. Others were in love with the new minimalist look that prepped the world for the Windows 8 launch.

Innovative thinkers took it as a creative rebranding opportunity, like Mexico-based designer, Lee a Ele. He asked, how would other iconic brands change if they looked to Microsoft’s rebranding as inspiration?

He took on the following brands:

  • Starbucks
  • Apple
  • Firefox
  • Pepsi (before 2008)
  • Pepsi (after 2008)
  • Twitter
  • London Olympics
  • Google
Check out the results below!

new microsoft logo style starbucks design

new microsoft logo style apple

New Microsoft Logo Style Firefox Design

New Microsoft Logo Design Old Pepsi

New Microsoft Logo Design New Pepsi

New Microsoft Logo Design Twitter

New Microsoft Logo Design London 2012 Olympics

New Microsoft Logo Design Google

What’s your favorite new Microsoft logo-inspired brand redesign?


  1. The Starbucks logo just isn’t the same without the classic siren! That being said, these are pretty cool looking.


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