microsoft logo

It’s nice to think that we’ve been able to spend 25 years without having to think about the Microsoft logo. It’s just been there since 1987, hanging out and looking the same through four different Presidents of the United States. Of course, Microsoft has fussed around with the Windows logo over the years, with our latest version featuring butterflies and pine trees.

Now it looks like Microsoft wants you to know that Windows can be fanciful, but the company itself is sheer business. The new Microsoft logo introduced today clearly has no interest in any kind of wavy colored boxes. Instead, we now get four solid squares next to adeclaration of “Microsoft” in simple Segoe font. Maybe that’s supposed to be some snide attack on Apple, which has been relying on a mix of the fairly interchangeable Helvetica Neue and Myriad fonts. Segoe seems to have a little more presence. This might also be some smart branding as Microsoft declares the company to be so big and monolithic that they don’t even have to gussy up their logo anymore. Our sans serif is duller than Apple’s, it proclaims, and you better like it, because we just told the graphic department to go on vacation for the next 25 years.

It’s really too bad too. I don’t like the new Microsoft logo at all. I think some people agree.

What do you think about the new Microsoft logo design?



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