Nicki Minaj’s Upcoming Perfume Looks Like a Pink Robot

nicki minaj new perfume pink friday

Rihanna made news earlier this week when her perfume, Rebelle by Rihanna, became the best-selling celebrity fragrance in the UK despite an awkward bottle design that’s a difficult to hold as a bowling pin. But now, there’s some new competition from Nicki Minaj! The popular songstress hasn’t wasted anytime working on a flamboyant and outrageously designed perfume bottle. Just recently, Nicki tweeted an image of her upcoming fragrance, Pink Friday:


Nicki Minaj new perfume pink friday

I personally think it looks like something a deranged Nicki fanatic would build in his/her basement (or closet). To each his own, I suppose. Also, how are you supposed to hold this bottle? It looks like the pink hair acts as the bottle cap, meaning all we have left to hold is Nicki’s boobs. The songstress promises it the fragrance smells like “angels playing.” I wonder…

Nicki Minaj on Her Fashion Style

What do you think of the design concept for the Pink Friday fragrance?

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