Dealing with an unattractive and dated kitchen? Not to fret. Interior designer, Brian Patrick Flynn is here to transform your space into a beautiful, bright and open space.

Inspired to transform your own kitchen into something this modern and bright? Flynn walks you through a few key steps like removing counter space that closes the kitchen off, brightening the colors and rearranging the layout.

The best part of this advice is that it is truly timeless. If you are concerned that your new space may once look as outdated as your mom’s 60’s-looking kitchen, then you have nothing to worry about. The combination of neutral colors and Quaker cabinets will surely prove to stand the test of time. Mixing old and new styles will also help to maintain this timeless style.

What you will be left with is a classic kitchen space that is both spacious and functional. It’s time for a makeover!

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What do you think about this open space kitchen design?

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