Intricate paper artwork

Prepare for the Internet to make you feel untalented – again. These five paper art specialists bend, mold, twirl, crimp, slice and otherwise make paper their plaything. The results are truly astonishing. From Indian artist Sabeena Karnik’s lovely experiments with typography, to Diana Beltran Herrera’s vivid avian creations, these masterpieces may have you reaching for the nearest stack of construction paper.

1. Sabeena Karnik

Intricate paper artwork

Bombay-based artist Sabeena Karnik is a freelance calligrapher who is equally adept at fashioning paper scultpure.

2. Anonymous

Intricate paper artwork

My favorite artist of this list is anonymous – his/her work began appearing in libraries all over Scotland, and was first reported on NPR. And when a Scottish newspaper unearthed the artist’s identity, the captivated international audience declined to spread the information. In a guest book near one of the pieces, now encased and carefully tended to, the phantom artist left a brief message:

Hopefully next time I’ll be able to linger longer –  In support of Libraries, Books, Words and Ideas…

3. Diana Beltran

Intricate paper artwork

She may be from Bogota, but Diana Beltran Herrera’s bright and engaging creatures seem prepared to travel the globe. The artist uses fine grade papers to achieve perfect symmetry.

4. Yulia Brodskaya

Intricate paper artwork

Yulia Brodskaya moved to England from Moscow in 2004, and earned an MA in communication at the University of Hertfordshire. Clients as varied as Hermes and Martha Stewart have snapped up her intricate and colorful creations.

5. Bovey Lee

Intricate paper artwork

Hong Kong-born Bovey Lee has been practicing Chinese calligraphy since she was 10, but it’s her impossible paper creations that are winning raves all over the Internet. She has exhibited her work at museums from Nevada to Zurich, and counts Hugo Boss among her clients.

Which paper art artist has got you itching to grab a piece of construction paper?


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