Need a unique sculpture for your home? Estonia-based design company HandMadeFont, which specializes in unique, untraditional fonts, has released a series of concrete sculptures that might just be the right fit for your home. They have taken everyday household items, like a clock or CD rack, and re-imagined it by using a unique material and lively phrase to bring these everyday objects to life.

According to HandMadeFont:

We offer unique products that are all handmade and one of a kind pieces. We use an advanced cement mix which gives an incredibly strong, smooth, and tactile surface that is more similar to ceramic or aluminium than it is to concrete. Our products are very durable – there’s a steel [K1] frame inside each product and the concrete will continue to gain strength with time. Products are available in the original, aesthetic gray tone of the concrete and also in black (the concrete surface is painted over).

Their sculptures are reasonably priced, considering the material and durability of their designs. Check out the sculptures below:


Made out of concrete and containing a steel frame, this original sculpture can be a statement piece in someones garden or home.

Price: $195 (€150) + delivery

Elegant Clock

The fractured surface to this minimalist clocks adds some character to the functional clock. It is available in natural concrete grey and black.

Price: $280 (€220) + delivery

NOW Clock

The NOW clock is fully functional and adds a sense of youth and playfulness to your home or office. It comes in both concrete grey and black.

Price: $300 (€200) + delivery

Y CD Shelf

The gravity defying shelf is shaped like the letter Y and contains 4 slots for storing your CDs (do people even own CDs anymore?).

Price: $390 (€300) + delivery

X CD Shelf

This X-shaped CD shelf contains 5 slots to store your CDs. There is another version of the X CD Shelf here.

Price: $390 (€300) + delivery

For other sculptures by HandMadeFont, check out their Behance gallery here. You can also contact them regarding purchase of a sculpture here.

What do you think of these unique sculptures by HandMadeFont?



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