Airless Bike Tires by Britek

Airless Bike Tires by Britek

If you’ve ever been out enjoying a leisurely bike ride, only to run over a nail and get stuck with a flat tire, Britek has a solution for you. The company has developed a prototype for puncture-proof, airless bike tires that can store energy and convert it into forward momentum. The Energy Return Wheel (ERW) was originally developed … Read more

6 Best Halloween Light Shows of 2012

6 Best Halloween Light Shows of 2012

You’ve already seen a Halloween light show done up Gangnam style–but that was just the start of the scary set-ups. We better start enjoying them now, too. We’ve already seen lots of homes taking down some howlingly good Halloween decorations in the face of Hurricane Sandy. Of course, there are great American Halloween Light Shows … Read more

7 Free & Easy Ways to Organize Your Office Space

Free and Easy Ways to Organize Your Office Space

I used to think that organizing your workspace meant going to Staples and spending a fortune on office supplies – and somehow that the shiny new folders and pens would immediately ignite my productivity fire. I learned the hard way that blowing my paycheck on mechanical pencils and binder dividers had no bearing on my … Read more

7 Coolest Tiny Homes

7 coolest tiny homes hobbit house wales

The size of homes in the United States has been dramatically increasing in the last few decades. In the 1970s, the average house size was 1,400 square feet, and as of 2009, the average was nearly double that at 2,700 square feet. While most people are building and moving to bigger and bigger houses, some … Read more

Design Trends within Mobile Gaming

Gaming console

The mobile gaming industry is booming, with innovation and trends driving the sector. There are amazing design trends that have come along in recent years, which have then been built upon. In this article, we’ll be looking into the types of trends that are influencing the industry so far. Going Retro For a while it … Read more

Efeet: Whimsical Home Collection by Dylan Kendall

Dylan Kendall Efeet Collection Orange White Coffee Mug

Have you ever thought that your dishware was a little blah? Boring? Old? Ceramist and social entrepreneur, Dylan Kendall, has taken a stand against boring dishware with her Efeet collection, a set of home accessories for people who are searching for whimsy and minimalist design in their everyday lives. Dylan launched a two Kickstarter projects … Read more

Creative and Terrifying Spider Projection by Friedrich van Schoor

Spider Projection Frederick van Schoor

Believe it or not, German 3D design specialist Friedrich van Schoor has found a way to make spiders more terrifying than ever. His short video project “Spider Projection” depicts two larger-than-life spiders trapped inside the top floor of a glass-fronted building, rapidly moving and crawling up the walls and windows. Despite appearing to be shockingly … Read more

7 Unique Flat-Pack Alternatives to IKEA Furniture

Flat-Pack Caribou

Flat-pack furniture has been a growing trend recently because it’s affordable, lightweight (think lower shipping costs!) and easy to transport. Most flat-pack, hardware free home items are also environmentally friendly, made out of cardboard, recycled wood or other recycled and recyclable materials. Last month we featured the ease and eco-friendliness of SmartDeco furniture and if … Read more

Ad of the Day: 1st Warby Parker TV Spot

Warby Parker TV Spot Ad First Commercial

I am an avid Warby Parker fan and its business model that makes glasses affordable again. They are definitely not lacking in creativity at this company, having even gone as far as creating an interactive infographic to showcase their growth in 2011. Now they’re going beyond word-of-mouth and launching their first-ever TV spot, courtesy of … Read more

Breaking Bad Cup Portraits by Cheeming Boey

Even the the season finale was a few weeks ago, Breaking Bad is still topping my newsfeed as the most talked about TV show ever. People are such big fans of the critically acclaimed AMC drama that artists like Cheeming Boey, or better known as Boy Obselete on Flickr, have paid their own creative homage … Read more