Photo of the Day: Trampled Snow Art by Simon Beck

Photo of the Day: Tramped Snow Art by Simon Beck

Temporary art has a special place in our hearts. New Yorkers have their own community of artists who create gorgeous art that disappears with the wind. So when this trampled snow art caught our eye while we were dozing off on Colossal, All of the snow flake-inspired art is created by England-based orienteering mapmaker Simon … Read more

Daily Dose of Design: Dec. 26

Daily Dose of Design: Dec. 26

The world is a-buzzing with a lot of awesome stories everyday. Gorgeous photo series, innovative art installations, groundbreaking tech news – how do you keep track of it all? More specifically, how do you dig through all the noise to get to the great stuff? Enter our Daily Dose of Design, a curated post showcasing all … Read more

Movie Friday: Movie Posters for Upcoming Charlie Sheen Film, “A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III”

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III Movie Posters

The internet is going crazy over first looks into Charlie Sheen’s starring role in the upcoming 2013 romantic comedy, “A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.” The film is set to be released on February 8, 2013 — perfect for Valentine’s Day. The story is set in the 1970s and tells a story … Read more

Eco Monday: Swing, an Energy-Generating Art Installation in Portugal

Eco Monday: Swing, Energy Generating Art Installation in Portugal

This fun public art installation in Portugal proves that you do not need an expensive and complicated solution to complex problems. Our Eco Monday feature is called Swing, and is a low-tech energy-generating art installation built by Oporto and Berlin-based design collective, Moradavaga. Made out of rudimentary materials like wood pallets and hemp rope, energy is … Read more

8 Imaginative and Unique Staircases

8 Imaginative and Unique Staircases

Staircases are seen by most as a necessary utility in homes and other buildings, and as a result, are often plain, boring, and ignored. Due to the amount of space they typically take up, stairs have a lot of untapped potential – they can act as a canvas for something truly inspired and accent the … Read more

Trampoline Bridge in Paris by Atelier Zündel Cristea

Paris has plenty of bridges – enough to satisfy the travel needs of drivers and pedestrians throughout the city – but French architecture firm Atelier Zündel Cristea would like to add just one more. They intend to give Parisians an extra spring in their step. The concept? A bridge composed of giant trampolines to span the Seine River. … Read more