DIY Thursday: Paint Tutorials for Newbies

At some point in your life when you were feeling particularly ambitious, you bought paint brushes and some watercolors or craft paint. Since then, you’ve probably been too scared to use them. Well, we’re here to help.

More accurately, the crafty people around the interwebs are here to help, and we’re just here to show you to them. So take a look at these paint tutorials, grab your paints, brushes, and a canvas, and get to it!


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Watercolor Leaf Tutorial via eHow

paint tutorials 1Painting leaves is a valuable life skill, like knowing how to ride a bike or boil pasta. So, really, you need this tutorial.

Acrylic Paint Image Transfer via TheTechniqueZone

paint tutorials 1Transferring an image using acrylic paint? Geez, that sounds complicated. Not so! It’s actually really easy, and it looks awesome when it’s finished.

Birch Tree Tutorial via PersiaLou

paint tutorialsBirch trees are so delicate and pale. They’re like the British people of the tree world. You should follow this tutorial to paint some.

Masking and Watercolor Tutorial via LinenLace&Love

paint tutorialsThis technique is a lot like using painter’s tape to add stripes to your wall when you paint. It looks really cute, and you can personalize your message.

Rainy City Tutorial via PaintingDemos

paint tutorialsA big city on a rainy day. It’s pretty poetic, isn’t it? We love the look that this technique achieves, and it’s much easier to do than you might think!

Triad Tree Tutorial via JuneRollins

paint tutorialsDress up your landscapes by adding some multicolored trees. This tutorial shows you how.

Dandelion DIY via PrettyHandyGirl

pho1Dandelions are so whimsical, and surprisingly easy to recreate when you follow the steps in this tutorial.

Pendulum Painting via MarthaStewart

paint tutorialsThis simple technique allows you to create awesome, one-of-a-kind art to hang in your home.

Watercolor Gemstones via ThePostmansKnock

paint tutorialsThese painted gemstones look too cool! Follow this tutorial to make some awesome personalized birthday cards, or just some pretty wall art.

Watercolor Flowers Tutorial via APieceOfRainbow

paint tutorialsFlowers are the staple of the art world. This tutorial shows you how to use watercolors to paint your own vibrant bouquet.

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Are you ready to try one of these paint tutorials?

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