Wood floors are fantastic for so many reasons. Besides being so much easier to clean and deal with than carpeting and literally being so much nicer to look at, they are also incredibly easy to update.

The video above teaches you how to paint wood floors, making them look brand spankin’ new. As a matter of fact, all it really takes is a fresh white coat.

This immediately elevates your home decor and gives it a modern feel.

You may think there are can’t possibly be any positives to having white floors (besides how sleek it looks) but that’s where you would be wrong. While it may seem like common sense that white dirties faster, this video actually shows us how stains are easier to clean and fade on a white surface.

In addition, white floors have the power of making any room look brighter and even larger! Are you convinced now?

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Do you know how to paint wood floors? Would you do it?


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