Are you bored with the same Halloween costume ideas year after year? Designer Steve Wintercroft has just the thing you may be looking for to make yourself stand out this Halloween.

Take part in a DIY project, creating geometric mask templates with your very own paper. The artist has many different mask shapes for sale on his website including a Jack-o’-lantern, a skull, and the heads of a bear, fox, owl, and lion, plus so much more.

Wintercroft even takes his design one step up, not only are they unique and fun but the masks are also eco-friendly! Who doesn’t love helping the environment? His goal is to reduce the resources required to produce his playfully designed products.

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Once someone purchases one of his designs, Wintercroft provides digital files of the templates rather than shipping , in order to save on shipping fuel. He also suggests that anyone who does purchase a template uses recycled paper to create their final paper masks. These two factors alone eliminate mass manufacturing and minimize the environmental impact that we all have on this world.

“A couple of years ago, after receiving an invite to a Halloween party but struggling for costume ideas, I sat down with a pile of old cardboard, some parcel tape, a pair of scissors and plenty of hot tea. An hour or so later and after some trial and error I had made myself a fox mask.” Wintercroft explains.

Well his idea to create a single unique mask for one Halloween party has turned into many more interesting paper masks.

Check out the amazing masks designs for yourself:

steve wintercroft masks

paper masks 3

steve wintercroft masks

paper masks 5

steve wintercroft masks

paper masks 7

steve wintercroft masks

paper masks 9

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steve wintercroft masks

paper masks 11

steve wintercroft masks

paper masks 13

steve wintercroft masks

paper masks 15

steve wintercroft masks

paper masks

Images Courtesy of Wintercroft

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Which paper mask would you wear?



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