Movie Friday: Petrifying ParaNorman Fan Art

Step aside, Haley Joel Osment, there’s a new kid who “sees dead people” in town. Norman Babcock (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is eleven years old, and he sees. . . well, he sees dead people, too.

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Norman lives with his parents and sister, Courtney (Anna Kendrick), in Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts. Norman is regularly ridiculed by his peers, and we all know how ruthless eleven-year-olds can be. Nobody believes Norman when he says he can still see and speak with his deceased grandmother (Elaine Stritch), or the other people around town who have departed the mortal world. Neil Downe (Tucker Albrizzi), an overweight boy who is also targeted by the local bullies, is Norman’s only friend.

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At a rehearsal for a school play, which is about the execution of a ‘witch’ that occurred in the town three hundred years ago, Norman experiences a psychic vision. He sees the witch, from her point of view, being chased by the townspeople.

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After school, the boys run into Mr. Prenderghast (John Goodman), Norman’s crazy uncle, who tells Norman that he has to perform an annual ritual to protect the town from the witch’s curse. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Prenderghast dies, and shortly after that, Norman decides to keep up with the annual anti-curse precautions. Things don’t go as planned.

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According to Prenderghast’s ghost, Norman has to perform a ritual from a book before sundown. Thanks to the local bullies, Norman is unable to do that, and a gigantic storm, shaped like the condemned witch, chases Norman and Neil into town.

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With only Courtney, Neil’s brother Mitch (Casey Affleck) and a fellow classmate, Salma (Hannah Noyes), to help them, Norman and Neil maneuver their way through a mass of undead to bring peace to a wrongly accused little girl—who isn’t so very different from Norman, after all.

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Pour some butter over your popcorn and turn down the lights (if you dare) while you enjoy the delightful yet terrifying ParaNorman!

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