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PayPal may be a leading technology company in Silicon Valley, but they have historically been known solely as an online presence and traditional financing institution (despite being so much more than that). Luckily for them, they caught on to the mobile and wearables trend occurring in technology today , making their on-the-go presence as beneficial and identifiable to the customer as possible. Naturally, with optimized platforms came a rebranding and a new Paypal logo to top it all off. And, if there is anything we love here at Redesign Revolution, it is just that: redesign.

Below you have a complete timeline of the Paypal logo from 1998 to 2014. The most recent logo has been designed by Yves Behar of San Francisco design studio fuseproject. It has received much acclaim and recognition, seeing as how it came with a big shift for PayPal as a company.

Paypal Logo 1998 Paypal Logo 2007 Paypal Logo 2012 Paypal Logo 2014

All images via Dezeen

Above, you have the new Paypal identity, featuring two overlapping and translucent P’s. This makes the icon more readable on smaller devices, without the necessity of having to read it in detail. Of the concept, Yves Behar said in an exclusive interview with Dezeen:

“It felt that the current brand had been created for an online world and a lot of it is moving to mobile…  It’s time for things to be more compact and most importantly for the icon to become the leading element that is seen online.”

We tend to agree. More and more often we have been seeing companies – from large to small – opt for minimalistic and more streamlined designs. Iconology is gaining huge momentum as corporations – such as American Airlines – are even eliminating wording from their logos altogether.

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All in all, we think Paypal made a great move not only in its rebranding but in hiring someone as fresh and innovative as Yves Behar to make over their image. Paypal tended to be looked at as any run-of-the-mill financial or banking institution, but they are really so much more than that. They challenged the way we think about financial transactions in our day to day lives. Paypal can be much more personalized and intrinsic to our daily activities. Luckily, this is what they came to discover and fully realize with their new image, iPhone app, and overall branding.

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