DIY Thursday: Crafty Ways to Personalize a Rental Space

When you have a landlord, personalizing your home or apartment can seem tricky. Is it okay to put holes in the walls? What color should you paint the living room? What can you do to customize your rental space without damaging it?

It may be a rental, but it should still feel like home when you open the door! Check out these tutorials if you want to maximize space and add some personal flare to your rental home or apartment.


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Fabric-Backed Open Cabinets via PrettyHandyGirl

personalize rental apartmentMany rental apartments have open cabinets, and when you line them with your favorite fabric or wallpaper, they can become totally cute. This is also a fabulous idea for built in shelves.

Framed Wallpaper Panels via HuntedInterior

personalize rental apartmentIf you want to add an accent wall, but you don’t want to make it permanent, these framed wallpaper panels are just the ticket. They’re easy to rearrange if you decide to redecorate, and you can take them with you when you move.

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Bohemian Pendant Light Cover via LoveMaegan

personalize rental apartmentIf you don’t like the look of light fixtures that came with your rental, it’s super easy to dress them up to suit your taste. Check out this adorable bohemian cover to transform that ugly pendant light into something worth looking at!

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DIY Dishwasher Redo via LemonadeMakinMama

personalize rental apartmentRentals are notorious for having ugly appliances. This tutorial makes it easy to cover that unsightly dishwasher with bead board.

Pipe Clothing Rack via BlackOakVintage

personalize rental apartmentIf you’re lucky, your rental has closets. If you’re not, then you’re going to have to make your own luck. You can start by making this industrial clothing rack that will hold your clothes and shoes, and a couple of hats too.

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Temporary Fabric Wallpaper via VintageRevivals

personalize rental apartmentAnother thing rentals are infamous for is having painfully boring walls. If you’re bummed because you thought you wouldn’t be able to put up some killer wallpaper in your rented apartment, this tutorial will turn your frown upside down.

Towel Rack Baskets via SimplyDIY2

personalize rental apartmentIf you’re short on storage solutions in that tiny rented apartment bathroom, this tutorial is here to rescue you from the madness. All you need are a couple of towel racks, some ribbon, cute baskets, and a little elbow grease.

Hardware Upgrade via CrazyWonderful

personalize rental apartmentIf the cabinets in your rental don’t have knobs or pulls, but you hate the bare look, follow this tutorial. It shows you how to stick on your favorite cabinet hardware without making any holes.

Lace Windows via AnnabelVita

personalize rental apartmentFor extra privacy, try adding lace to your windows. This is a great alternative to curtains because it still allows that natural light to come in.

Washi Tape Architectural Designs via DesignIndulgences

personalize rental apartmentMake your walls interesting by adding cool architectural features. No, not with wood. With Washi tape. It’s cheaper, and when you’re ready to move out of your rental, you can remove it without a fuss.

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Do you have any tips to personalize rental apartments?

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