Personalize Your Space with Z!ng Revolution Vinyl Skins - Justin Bieber
Vinyl skins on the table and circle table.

Brittney, the editor of Surviving College, and I got the opportunity to do something different from the usual editorial grind last week. We were invited to see the Z!NG Ultimate Dorm Room, a pop-up space created by Z!NG Revolution. Z!NG Revolution has created a platform for self-expression using high quality pop culture vinyl skins that can literally be placed on any smooth surface, be it a table, chair, laptop, iPhone, or wall. It’s a perfect home decor solution for true individualists and students who are stuck with a drab living space for an entire school year. I think that boring spaces like your empty dorm room is a main cause for why Z!NG was started in the first place. According to Lara Lavi, the Managing Partner of ZING Revolution:

At Z!NG Revolution, we believe every smooth surface is a canvass for self expression, personalization and amazing visuals. This includes walls, fridges, dishwashers and of course eDevices. We were looking for an alternative to the same old recycled art and photos we were seeing in the Home Decor space online and in retail, and discovered amazing artists like Miles Regis, and photographers including Wayne Rutledge. We realized we could revolutionize the home decor space by being brave and tapping fresh visual artists.

And when they say they believe in every smooth surface being a canvas, they really mean it! Let’s count the covered pieces of furniture we saw in the Z!NG Ultimate Dorm Room:

  • Beer Pong table
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Round table
  • The entire floor
  • Walls
  • Top of the trunk
  • Windows
  • Chairs
  • Desk

And that doesn’t even cover everything they can slap a vinyl skin on:

  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • iPads + other tablets
  • Credit Cards
  • Light switches
  • Electric outlets
  • Dishwashers
  • Everything else beyond our imagination

We were truly impressed by the custom-fitted pink and blue covered round table and believe that is possibly the greatest thing about Z!NG: their ability to customize according to anyone’s tastes. If you’re not interested in their wide selection of pop culture pictures (e.g. we were partial to everything One Direction, but Justin Bieber and Snooki were a little out of our range),  then upload your own picture and viola – you’ve got a personalized vinyl skin for your Macbook.

Personalize Your Space with Z!ng Revolution Vinyl Skins
They literally covered the entire floor!
Personalize Your Space with Z!ng Revolution Vinyl Skins - Taylor Swift
We could imagine this covered the wall of someone’s dorm room for sure.
Personalize Your Space with Z!ng Revolution Vinyl Skins - One Direction
This might be going overboard, but we won’t fault a person who wants to showcase all their likes.
Z!NG Revolution Vinyl Skins One Direction
We think a One Direction fan would have fainted in this room.
Personalize Your Space with Z!ng Revolution Vinyl Skins
This wall was crazy!
Personalize Your Space with Z!ng Revolution Vinyl Skins
The notorious beer pong table.

All photos © Pamela Nguyen for Redesign Revolution.

What do you think of these vinyl skins from Z!NG Revolution?



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