If you are a pet owner, you have probably had an instance of frustration upon catching your dog chewing on your favorite pair of boots. Perhaps your socks went missing and you’re 99.99% sure the culprit is your furry little friend, who has actually been avoiding you for two days because they know they did something wrong, and are trying to weasel their way out of blame and a good reprimand at all costs. They can sometimes be really smart, right? Oh, those four legged cuties… It’s always hard to stay mad at them.

Although frustrating, you have to admit that it’s rather funny to see how your pet always manages to get ahold of the items you attempt to keep away from them, but have you ever heard of a pug digesting 104 pennies? Or a rat terrier inhaling an entire bra!? We haven’t either, until now.

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Veterinary Practice News editor Marilyn Iturri created the “They ate WHAT?” contest in 2006 to showcase the comical situations veterinarians and pet owners can face, but be able to handle thanks to the clinical advances in digital radiography (and of course, a steady hand).

The images below are 14 pet x-rays showcasing the crazy items that pets have ingested. Luckily all the pets photographed – although they may have understandably suffered a bit of discomfort – were unharmed and lived to see another day. In order to qualify for the contest, the participating veterinary clinics must have successfully removed the items displayed.

Kermit the Frog – More than 30 Small Ornamental Rocks

pet x rays frog

Marley the German Short-Haired Pointer  – Shish Kabob Skewer

pet x rays dog skewer

Great Dane – 43 1/2 Socks

pet x rays great dane socks

Dragon the Bearded Dragon – Barbie Banana

pet x rays  bearded dragon barbie banana

Norris the Rat Terrier – a Bra

pet x rays  dog ate bra


D’Jango the Golden Retriever – Hacky Sack

pet x rays  dog hacky sack

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Lucy the Labrador –  9.2 by 2.3 Pocket Knife

pet x rays  dog pocket knife

Stella the Pug – 1 Quarter & 104 Pennies

pet x rays  dog pennies

Welsh Corgi – Approximately 2 Cups of Pea Gravel

pet x rays  dog pea gravel

Yoda the Chihuahua – 9 Needles

pet x rays  dog needles

Woof the Dog – 5 Rubber Duckies & a Toy Truck Tire

pet x rays dog rubber duckies

Cody the Golden Retriever – Light Bulb

pet x rays  dog light bulb

Kitten – Toy Alien Figure

pet x rays  kitten alien figurine

Elvis the Mixed-breed Puppy – Fishing Hook with Chicken Liver

pet x rays dog with fishing hook

All images via Veterinary Practice News 

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Does your pet have an interesting, “THEY ATE WHAT?” story?


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