pete recycling

PETE recycling

Have you ever wondered what the possibilities are for your old plastic water bottles other than simply tossing them in the recycling bin? Hungarian designer Kovács Apor envisions a future where we routinely recycle plastic bottles by turning them into clothes right in our own homes. One of six finalists in this year’s Electrolux Design Lab, PETE is a simple, wall-mounted household appliance that turns your plastic bottles into clothes before your very eyes.

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PETE creates a natural recycling method for plastic bottles and turns the consumer into an eco-designer. The PETE concept merges plastic bottles and creates garments from them according to your taste. You only have to choose the clothing design, size, color, and material, and the trash can sized machine will tell you how many PET bottles are required to complete a design. Eight bottles will get you a t-shirt; save up 27 and you’ll have the makings of a sweater. Then the hanger-shaped appliance turns the bottles you have on hand into polyester and prints the garments.

PETE recyclingMade from water-resistant, easy to clean corian and aluminum, The PETE appliance also has a white touch screen for the user to select options and monitor the printing process.

PETE recycling

PETE recycling

PETE recycling

PETE recycling

Images via Electrolux Design Lab; h/t Ecouterre

Apor was inspired by a trip with his friends to the Danube Delta. The area’s rainy season had resulted in flooding, which led to an influx of debris, including an unprecedented amount of PET bottles that would inevitably be left behind on land once the water dissipated. As a result, he hopes to inspire consumers to recycle the bottles they have used in their homes instead of discarding them.

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Having a “special trash bin” mounted on a wall when every household has a trash can anyway doesn’t seem like such a far-fetched idea, right? Apor hopes the concept will inspire creativity for other ways to recycle plastic bottles and methods of protecting the environment. Save some plastic water bottles to prevent them from going to waste and build up your closet wardrobe at the same time? Seems like a win-win! Now that’s a new way of recycling most of us have never considered before!

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