Photo of the Day: Bolivian Salt Flat Creates Walking on Water Illusion

Bolivian Salt Flat Creates Walking on Water Illusion

Have you ever thought you could literally walk on water? The Bolivian salt flat in Altiplano, Salar de Uyuni, can certainly realize that dream for you. The salt flat, located at 11,995 feet above sea level has a mesmerizing reflective quality when covered with water. The Salar de Uyuni is transformed during the rainy season from otherwise plated pockets of dry salt into a giant mirror, giving the illusion of walking on water. This salty desert is already beautiful wen left alone, but the timely addition of water leads to a surreal result. It is especially an amazing site to stroll across on cloudy days, when visitors can feel as though they are walking on clouds.


According to My Modern Met, where we found this gorgeous image:

The miraculous metamorphosis of the 4,086 square mile expanse of salted terrain, which happens to be the largest salt flat on earth, is all at once mind-boggling and breathtaking. There’s an inexplicable beauty to the infinite presence of a blue sky filled with puffy, white clouds. Travelers find it hard to shy away from documenting the remarkable and heavenly scene, choosing to feign a balancing act, jump for joy, or skate across the lustrous surface that mimics a sheet of ice.

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