Photo of the Day: Christmas in Selangor, Malaysia
Christmas in Selangor, Malaysia

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, from all of us at Redesign Revolution! This is actually  our very first Christmas away from home in California – we are spending the holidays in New York City with our sister. With the location changing, so does the holiday traditions. We are making the most of our first Christmas in the city by going to visit all the  gorgeous decorations around town. The holidays are certainly different, depending on your location. Check out how Malaysians spend Christmas in Selangor in our Photo of the Day!

When you’re as close to the equator as Malaysia is, it’s hard to imagine a “traditional” White Christmas, but the way they are decorating certainly adds some colorful holiday cheer. Each tree is brightly decorated in neon-colored Christmas lights, up and down the town.

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Can you think of anything as creative as spending Christmas in Selangor, Malaysia?

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