Photo of the Day: See this Firebender "Burn the Sky"

One time, I traveled to Cebu, Philippines for a short weekend trip. My friends and I walked the beaches of Cebu, mesmerized by the crystal blue water. But the exciting part of visiting this area in the Philippines was the nighttime entertainment. We came across a group of fire jugglers who performed the most heart stopping act with fire we’d never dared to ever try ourselves – but it was amazing. The performers spun around two long ropes with fire burning at the ends. There were flips, tosses, juggles, before the performers closed the show with one large breath of fire into the night sky. That was the exact memory I thought of when I saw this photo here. Deviantart user Bast-86 took the photo above, titled “Burn the Sky,” depicting a fire breather as he lets out an explosion of flames into the air above him.

We couldn’t give Bast-86 enough credit for the awe-inspiring moment he captured in this single photo. We love how he captured the heat and texture of the fire while not compromising on the intense stance the man is holding. There is a second shot of a fire breather that this photographer took – this time, it is a different perspective in which a woman breaths the fire right at you. While a different shot, the second photo is equally as breath taking.

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