Manhattan without Light
Image via Buzzfeed: 45 Most Powerful Images of 2012

The end of the calendar year means numerous roundups of the biggest moments of the year. 2012 has certainly been…interesting. With global riots and political tension around the world (and let’s not forget the election that consumed our media sources for months), there were many moments to be talked about and remembered. One moment that affected us personally was Hurricane Sandy. We luckily live in Upper Manhattan, which was relatively untouched by the superstorm. However, the lower Manhattan inhabitants were not as lucky. On our own Facebook newsfeed, there were countless statuses detailing how their power had been cut off from ConEd. Living in Manhattan without light – or in any other region devastated by the storm – was a dismal event.

The New Yorker had taken the opportunity to publish an amazing photo of a bird’s eye view of Manhattan, with basically all of Lower Manhattan without light – in complete darkness. It’s a sobering experience, and this photo of the day, featured in Buzzfeed’s Most Powerful Images of 2012 roundup, reminded us of that event.

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Did you have any stories about staying in Manhattan without light or power?


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