Photo of the Day: Gorgeous Shot of a Peacock by Navid Baraty

Photo of the Day: Gorgeous Shot of a Peacock
Photo of Peacock, © Navid Baraty

Sometimes, you don’t need a reminder of how cold it’s getting or how much you’d rather be at a beach in Miami than stuck bundled up in your office chair. You can imagine how tough it is for us, since we’re the ones scrolling through endless photos of gorgeous places that aren’t our computer screen in order to pick out the photo of the day. That’s why we think that this gorgeous shot of a peacock, taken by Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty, is a perfect compromise.

Navid Baraty is an award-winning photographer whose works have appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions, including National Geographic, CNN and the San Francisco Chronicle. Even though he’s based in Brooklyn, his work has taken him all over the world, from Alaska to Japan to India. His photo series, titled “Earth,” features numerous undisclosed locations that features gorgeous landscape shots in addition to shots of animals, including this peacock, a whale, and a school of fish. Take a look at the rest of his photo series here. (Warning: serious wanderlust to follow.)


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