Photo of the Day: Prince William and Kate...Camwhoring?

No, Prince William and Kate Middleton are not cam whoring in real life. But can you imagine? Nowadays, with Instagram and Facebook (and now even Twitter joining the instapic sphere), it’s no wonder that we’re resorting to a bit of cam whoring to get that latest self-portrait up on our social networks. There’s always that key factor in any of these self-portraits: you always see a steadfast arm reaching out from the photograph itself. It’s almost ridiculous to re-imagine any of the most iconic photos of our time as one of those silly self portraits, but advertising agency Lowe Cape Town did it.

Lowe Cape Town re-imagined a series of iconic photography as part of a “cam whoring” series in this fun, tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign. They manipulated them in Photoshop (obviously) to create this self-portrait effect. You’ve seen Prince William and Kate Middleton pull it off at their wedding, so why not see Churchill take a self portrait as he smokes or the famous sailor take a quick shot as he kisses his girl in Times Square? You can see the fun photo manipulations here.

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Can you imagine Prince William and Kate Middleton ever cam whoring?


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