Photo of the Day: Lightning Hits Erupting Sakurajima Volcano

Photo of the Day: Lightning Hits Erupting Sakurajima Volcano

Witnessing Sakurajima Volcano in Japan erupt is already a wondrous experience, but volcano chaser Martin Rietze took it a step further when he captured the Sakurajima Volcano erupting right as lightning struck.

Rietze is known for taking big risks to capture amazing photographs around the world. According to Huffington Post:

Martin Rietze, the photographer behind the website Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth, is willing to do whatever it takes to get a great photo — even if that means inching towards a volcanic explosion while scalding lava spews into the air and lightning strikes from dark clouds above.

It was hours of silence before the lightning storm erupted above the volcano. The storm lasted 20 seconds, giving him just enough time to capture several photos before rushing to safety. According to Rietze, “It is an experience you will never forget.”

I’d bet. He even has the honor of being NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day as a reward.

Check out more of his photographs of the event by visiting his website.

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Would you have stayed to witness Sakurajima Volcano explode like Rietze did?



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