Photo of the Day: Ceramic Dish Christmas Tree in Belgium

Christmas is almost here! It will be our very first Christmas in NYC, even though we’ve lived here for over four years now. (So weird to think how much has changed since then!) We’re making plans to go see the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center with our sister, who has come to town to spend the holidays with us. And while we’re excited to see the glorious Christmas tree in all its lit glory, we have a soft spot for alternative Christmas trees. That’s why, when we saw this glorious recycled “Taste Tree” on Colossal, an enormous tree covered in 5,000 pieces of ceramic dinnerware donated from local residents of Belgium, we nearly fainted from the pure awesomeness.

Different cities around the world have made attempts to do something grand and different from a traditional Christmas tree as of late. Rio de Janeiro boasts the world’s largest floating Christmas tree. Lithuania was home to a plastic bottle Christmas tree last year. Brussels is even hosting an abstract tree. In the words of Christopher at Colossal, “any idea seems better than heading out to the local forest and hacking down a pine tree older than my grandparents.”

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What do you think of Belgium’s alternative Christmas tree?


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