Dreaming in Paris
Eiffel Tower Photo Manipulation, © Mikko Lagerstedt

Photos of the Eiffel Tower can grow monotonous and mundane, now that every college student with loving parents has a professional camera of their own and will snap shots of the world wonder without a second thought. If you had college peers like we did while we were in school, half your friends would have made their way to Paris while studying abroad in Europe and taken as many “holding the Eiffel Tower” shots as possible. That’s why, when we came across this stunning photo of the Eiffel Tower, taken by Finland-based photographer Mikko Lagerstedt, we were completely blown away.

This photo of a bird perching on a fallen grocery cart, with the Eiffel Tower shrouded in mist, is only one shot of Lagerstedt’s photo series, entitled “d r e a m.” Lagerstedt is a fine art photographer, specializing in photo manipulation and digital photography, and we are completely taken by the feeling and texture of his work. See the rest of his photo series here. Lagerstedt also sells all of his photography as prints on Red Bubble. You can buy the print for this particular photo here.

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 What do you think of this Eiffel Tower photo manipulation?


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