Photo of the Day Lion Poses for the Camera

Would you ever come near this wild animal, even if the lion poses like a cute puppy, waiting to have his belly rubbed? Yeah, we’re not sure either. But there’s something really intriguing about a massive animal rolling on his back and reaching his toes. Redditors jumped on this photo, generating memes like this amazing little number, and discussing what it would be like if they had actually domesticated a lion. The majority agrees that the lion would bite your arm off if you came near them (and that cats think exactly like lions – they just do less damage). One Redditor, however, had a tale about some folks she knew who owned a lion…

Some friends of my aunt and uncle had a lion. I was around 8 when I first met him, and his mane was just growing in. I wonder what any adult was thinking now because they used to let me run around/play with him. His head used to lay in my lap while I played with his fur, and those teeth. . damn. . I don’t know why I was cool with him simply biting(very gently/never left marks) on my knees.

Sadly, he passed away a year or so later.

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If a lion poses like this, would you pet him?


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