Photo of the Day: Schrodinger's Cat, Gingerbread House Edition!

For the folks who are enjoying their own nerdy Christmas at home: why not add a little personal touch by building your own Schrodinger’s cat gingerbread house? While perusing our way through Reddit, we came across this piece of gingerbread house genius. The Reddit user’s parents had decided that a conventional gingerbread house was not enough for their holiday tastes, and thus, Schrodinger’s cat appeared.

The rather simplistic gingerbread box mostly gives space to the shining item: a yin-yang like question about whether the cat is dead or alive. Clever, don’t you think?

If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan like we are, you might have instantly thought the same thing: this is the perfect gift for Penny to give Sheldon! Of course, we’re pretty sure that Sheldon would have a long response indicating all the areas in which this isn’t an accurate portrayal of the scientific conundrum. But considering how Schrodinger’s cat has played a big role in several plot points in earlier seasons of Big Bang, we love the effort.

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Would you make your own Schrodinger’s cat gingerbread house?


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