Bring The Outdoors In With These Pine Cone Projects

After months of waiting, it’s finally Fall!

We are so ready, you guys.


We couldn’t be more ready if we were hooked up to a pumpkin spice latte IV drip, wearing twenty over-sized sweaters, and petting woodland animals in the middle of a forest.

We want you to be ready too, so we have complied this very helpful list of pine cone crafts for you to do over the weekend. Have these on our desk by Monday for an A in Autumn Preparedness.

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Glittered Pine Cones via TheHomesIHaveMade

pine cone diy projectsEverything could use some glitter, even pine cones. No, especially pine cones! Check out this tutorial to make your own, and add some sparkle to your life!

Nut and Pine Cone Wreath via LiveMaster

pine cone diyThis simple and rustic wreath practically screams autumn. But, you know, in a soothing way. It’s surprisingly easy to make when you follow this tutorial!

Pine Cone and Felt Owls via LiaGriffith

pine cone diyThese sweet little owls make adorable Christmas ornaments! Of course, they’re not limited to the holidays–you could make a whole bunch of them and display them all around your house. Why? Just because they’re so darn cute!

Scented Pine Cones via MomSpark

pine cone diyScented pine cones are so refreshing and cozy! Who knew you could actually make some yourself? Just use some essential oil, and dress them up with glitter, and voila!

Pine Cone and Burlap Acorns via LifeIsAParty

pine cone diyWhat’s making those burlap and pine cone acorns hold their shape, you ask? Plastic Easter eggs! Display some of these acorns in a bowl, like the ones pictured¬†above, to make a lovely fall decoration.

Pine Cone Picture Frame Ornaments via MarthaStewart

pine cone diyPine cone scales are flexible and strong, even when you’ve separated them from the cone. This tutorial shows you how to make your own set of woodsy picture frames, which make perfect ornaments.

Pine Cone Flower via KittyCatsAndAirplanes

pine cone diy

Picture via FabricBowsAndMore

This pine cone flower is every bit as pretty as a real flower! Grab your favorite set of beads, and a hot glue gun, and create your own pine cone bouquet.

Ombre Pine Cone Tutorial via Whimzeecal

pho1Sometimes, things are so cute that you can hardly stand it. This is one of those times. These ombre pine cones are so summery, yet so fall-like, and we are in love.

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Pine Cone Tree via SugarAndCharm

pho1A pine cone tree like this would make an adorable mini Christmas tree, but it would also be cute just to have as an everyday decoration. Hmmm. . . You’d better just make several so you can do both!

Frosty Pine Cones via MyCleverNest

pho1Unfortunately, not every climate allows for snow during the winter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the whimsical look of frosted pine cones. Use your frosted pine cones to create a decorative bundle, like this one, to display during the winter months!

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Which of these are your favorite pine cone DIY projects?




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