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pinterest buyable pinsHave you ever thought about how you could make your creative Pinterest dream board come to life? Well, now you can take your board curating to the next (dangerous) level with new Pinterest Buyable Pins, which lets users buy items they’ve discovered directly from the Pinterest interface!

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Pinterest users can continue discovering products through their home feeds, guided searches, and other boards, but search filters will now also let you find new items based on price and color as well. Overall, the platform is growing into a more browsable shopping experience.

buyable pinterest pinsPinterest already has close to 2 million hand-picked products ranging from clothing to furniture from retail partners like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus, as well as smaller boutiques and brands like Ethan Allen and Kate Spade. In addition, retailers powered by Demandware, such as Cole Haan and Michaels, and thousands of Shopify stores like Poler Outdoor Stuff and SOBU, have hopped on the bandwagon. The Buyable Pins are easy to integrate and are partnered with eCommerce platforms, so more small businesses can get involved. They’re not charging fees for pinners or merchants, so products will be the same price as what you’d find on the merchant’s website.

buyable pinterest pinsIf a pinned item is available for purchase through the platform/app, you’ll notice a blue “Buy It” button next to the usual red “Pin It” button. Specific searches for buyable items can be made using the price filter, and users can swipe through options to pick their favorites, such as the right color dress, and desired number of items within the Pin itself. It’ll be easy to use Pinterest like you’d normally shop online at a retail site.

buyable pinterest pinsPaying for products is simple and secure. When you’re ready to check out, tap “Buy It” and pay with your credit card or use Apple Pay. Paying with Apple Pay uses a device specific account number instead of your actual credit card number, so neither your device nor Apple Pay will send your actual card number to the seller. Entering in your credit card information goes straight to the payment partner (either Stripe or Braintree) and then to the merchant, so none of the credit card information is actually stored by Pinterest either. They’ll just store your other personal information so you don’t have to enter it all over again every time you want to shop.

If the item you’re ordering is particularly expensive, you’ll be asked to re-enter your password for fraud protection. Your order confirmation will be processed from the retailer you’ve purchased from, just like you’d receive if you bought something on their site.

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pinterest buyable pinsPhotos via Pinterest

Because Pinterest is pushing mobile, which makes sense since more and more people are browsing and shopping for items on their phones and tablets, Buyable Pins will start to roll out for users in the U.S. on the iPhone and iPad first, and you’ll see Android and desktop/web support in future releases.

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