Who doesn’t love Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott? Not only are they super talented, but they are also really charismatic. This would explain why when the brothers decided to meet some fans, one lady couldn’t help but ask Jonathan out on a date.

That’s right, she had the courage to ask the 37-year-old if he would be up for a date. How she can decide between Jonathan and Drew is beyond us! But, the answer he gave her might surprise you… big time.

In case you didn’t know, Scott was actually married before, but got divorced. It’s been said that he considers his ex-wife a very good friend, which is why he doesn’t discuss her or their marriage very often. Classy guy.

Besides for being asked out, in the video above, we learn quite a few personal things about these twin brothers including their favorite food and favorite color.

This video is part of a series called The Scott Seat (pretty clever, huh?), where the duo travel to different cities, meet fans and answer some great questions.

Watch the video above to learn all about these Property Brothers and their charming ways!

Do you watch the Property Brothers — who is your favorite?


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