prynt smartphone case

Prynt Smartphone CaseHave you ever wanted to share a photo with a friend quickly without having to put it online or worry about printing it at a retail store? Consider your wish granted with this smartphone case that turns your smartphone into a Polaroid-style camera with instant photo printing capabilities.

As the first of its kind, the Prynt smartphone cases can transform your smartphone into an instant camera by printing photographs on the go. You just have to plug in your iPhone or Android device, snap a photo or choose one from Facebook or Instagram, and it’ll print in 30 seconds flat. The portable, lightweight cases are perfect for sightseeing or when you’re out having fun with friends. Plus, they’ll instantly spice up your average Hallmark card and make them more meaningful to the recipient.

Prynt Smartphone Case

The cases are powered by a rechargeable battery, and you can print about 20 photos on one charge. Worried you’ll have to revert to dealing with ink cartridges again? The special ZINK (zero-ink) paper already has the ink embedded inside, and the case can hold up to 10 sheets at a time. The water-resistant, smudge-proof prints are about the size of your smartphone’s screen (2”x3”). Refill packs of 10 pages will cost you $5, putting the cost of each print at 50 cents.

While the cases rely on a direct connection to your phone and don’t require Wi-Fi or a mobile network connection, Prynt is working on developing an app for additional special features. While you’re posing for a photo, the app will record a short video and store it in the cloud. Then the app will automatically scan and recognize the image after holding your phone over the print-out, and will show your video on screen in augmented reality. You’ll also be able to edit and put filters on your photos, and the app will even track your paper usage and let you know when it’s time to reorder.

Prynt Smartphone Case

Photos via Prynt; h/t DesignBoom

Prynt cases fit a range of phone types and come in pink, blue, white and one mystery color to be determined by crowdfunders. The cases are now compatible both with Apple’s iPhone 5/5S/5C and 6, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and S5. The part of the case that contains the dock can be easily changed based on the phone model, which means you won’t need a whole new Prynt case if you upgrade or change phones. You can just order a new dock adapter and keep printing.

Using the Prynt case recreates the magical experience of sharing physical photos with loved ones. Inspired by the classic instant cameras, the French startup has come up with a great way of enhancing the experience by using the smartphones that are always in our back pockets. They’re currently seeking funding through a kickstarter campaign, which ends March 3. Prynt expects to ship $49 cases to early bird backers in August.

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