Rebelle by Rihanna is the Fastest Selling Celebrity Perfume in the UK

Guess who has the hottest celebrity perfume in the history of — well, celebrities? That would be Rihanna. The pop star’s “Rebelle” fragrance has become the fastest-selling fragrance in the United Kingdom. In fact, Rihanna has sold over two million bottles of Rebelle by Rihanna, which supposedly captures the warmth of the Caribbean sun.

Don’t worry about what’s supposed to be “the smell of warmth.” Just join us in being confused by the bottle’s design. Those red swirls are supposed to represent Rihanna’s hair, and the conical design is meant to resemble an upside-down stiletto heel. Nobody seemed to care if the Rebelle bottle was actually useful for spraying perfume. It’s definitely the most awkward perfume bottle we’ve ever held. Most ladies will need two hands to have any control over the spray.


That heavy bottom is impressive, though. Rihanna should’ve called the scent Fatalle and sold it as a weapon for clubbing an unfaithful lover. But we still love you, Rihanna–especially since that scent is an impressive design of vanilla and coffee that ends up both sweet and sultry. It looks like over four million of those bottles are going to be sold by the end of the year.

What do you think of the Rebelle by Rihanna packaging design?


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