While National Hammock Day may not be a day we necessarily wait for all year long, we cannot say that we have absolutely anything negative to say about it. Let’s be honest. Hammocks are awesome and they are the kind of furniture (or is it a home accessory?) that immediately comes to find when we think of rest and relaxation.

Picture this: You are among trees, in nature, and strewn between trees. Maybe you have a book (or beau!) in hand, simply daydreaming the time away. No place to be and absolutely nothing to do. Now do you see what we are talking about?

While hammocks generally come about in a standard shape and size, we have made it our mission to find the coolest, most eye-catching hammock designs to get your started on dreaming up the weekend…

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The Leaf Hammock by GAEAforms

Leaf Hammock by GAEAforms

Besides looking like modern-day hanging pod, the other unique aspect of this Leaf Hammock is true comfort. While the regular rope variety does a fair job, there is always the feat of getting in a comfortable position – or, especially if you are paired up, not rolling all the way to the middle. This design features a flat  (but comfy) surface to lie on.


The Cacoon by Hang-in-Out

cacoon-double-mango-orange hammock

If you are looking for a more enclosed space, the cacoon variety is for you. Get  some privacy!

Wooden Arc Frame Hammock by Algoma

Wooden Arc Frame Hammock by Algoma

Ah, the luxury of a hammock without having to find the two perfect trees! This 450 lb wooden arc frame is perfect and luxurious for your backyard. Don’t you agree?

Wave Woven Wicker Hanging Chair Hammock by Outback Chair

hammock by outback chair

Don’t you love it when designers come together and create necessary solutions to age-old design? Also solving the issue of “sinking”, this wave chair is all the lounging without the adjusting.

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The Wave Hammock by Wave

wave hammock by wave

The Wave is essentially a very modern take on the shaded chaise lounge. This is a hammock that thinks outside the box… clearly.

Nest Hammock by Ieva Laurina


Ok, so this hammock is not particularly mind-blowing or technically a new iteration on the classic hammock form, but it sure is cool. This is a hammock with style. The hammock nest adds fringe to create the illusion of depth and beauty. How gorgeous would this look swaying in the wind?

Indoor Hammock by Le Beanock

le-beanock hammock

No backyard? No problem! Le Beanock is an indoor hammock that will make your interiors look straight out of our childhood dreams. Who hasn’t at one point wished for a floating bed or carpet? This is one hammock for the books.

Connect Tree Tent by Tentsile


The Connect Tree Tent takes camping and reinvents it. Not only is this one of the crazy coolest things we have seen, but it is also safe! Think about it this way: No bears can get up there and eat your food! Now, if you are looking to us for questions on how to get down, we won’t be able to offer you any support…


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Which hammock is your favorite?


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