Etsy Wednesday: Fabulous Retro Glasses

Glasses used to be reserved for those of us with poor vision. But these days, you don’t have to have bad eyesight to wear some cool specs. Plus, if you don’t have poor vision, wearing glasses is a heck of a whole lot cheaper, because you don’t have to pay for lenses. So, really, you can’t afford not to wear glasses.

If you need a disguise, or you’re putting together an awesome costume, or you just want to rock some fabulous frames, take a gander at these beautiful vintage glasses that we found on Etsy!


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60s Amber Eyeglasses, $39.99 shorpoli

retro glasses via etsy 1

If you want to look like a science teacher from the 60s, pick these fun amber colored glasses. These frames (called “The Sasha”) are so hipster chic.

60s Black Teardrop glasses, $139 OldFocals

retro glasses via etsy 2

Remember the old school Barbie with the black and white striped swim suit? These mod frames look like they belonged to her, and they’ve got it going on.

60s Vintage Cat Eye Glasses, $78 zestvintage

retro glasses via etsy 3

Cat eye glasses need to be a thing again. These pearly white retro frames are everything you could want from a pair vintage eyeglasses.

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French 80s Rounded Green Frames, $80.57 Skomoroki

retro glasses via etsy 4

Everybody needs a pair of fun green glasses. These are perfect for accenting your vintage-inspired wardrobe.

70s Black and Purple Glasses, $25 Grannysbox

retro glasses via etsy 5These purple and black frames are subtle enough to be classy, and colorful enough to be fun. If you wear glasses because you need them, these would be perfect for day-to-day wear.

80s Karl Lagerfield Yellow and Black Frames, $168 GreenFlamingoVintage

retro glasses via etsy 6This fantastic pair of Karl Lagerfield glasses may be from the 80s, but they look super modern. The yellow and black brow line make these an eye-catching set of frames.

Tart Optical 60s Frames, $95 VisionUnlimited

pho1The clear parts of this frame allows the black parts to pop. This smart pair of retro frames will make you look smart too–in more ways than one.

Valentino Garavani Round Spectacles, $229 GreenFlamingoVintage

retro glasses via etsy 8The craftsmanship of these glasses is something to marvel. The style itself if reminiscent of antique glasses, and combined with the tortoiseshell, it makes for an interesting pair of specs.

70s Beau Monde Glasses, $69 VisionUnlimited

retro glasses via etsy 9The intricacy of these frames makes them stand out. Black and understated, but a cool pair of glasses nonetheless.

60s Horn-Rimmed Glasses with Crystals, $59 MainAndGrand

pho1We’re of the opinion that crystals make everything better, and these glasses frames are what we’re using to support that argument.

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Would you purchase a pair of retro glasses?

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