Ring Toss DIY: The Perfect Game To Play On Fourth Of July

Fourth of July is coming up, which means a long holiday weekend to enjoy however you please. Bonus: It’s for three whole days! From heading to the beach to epic cookouts, the possibilities are endless. That being said, it’s easier to get bored than one might think. Luckily, this Ring Toss DIY project is perfect for people of all ages. We can see kids really enjoying this one!

Marianne Canada from HGTV.com walks us through how to make this classic game using some easy-to-find materials and transforming it into a very patriotic, red, white and blue theme.


All you’ll need is a crate, some empty soda bottles, paint, ribbon and rope. All of these materials can be located at a crafts store and the steps easily completed in just a couple of hours. After the paint has been set, you will have an epic game to occupy both the kids and adults for hours to come. Happy Fourth!

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Would make this Ring Toss DIY for the Fourth of July?

Featured image via flickr


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