Rivet & Sway Packaging Design by Yiu Studio

Rivet & Sway is a brand new online shopping boutique that focuses exclusively on women’s prescription glasses. Rivet & Sway may be an online boutique, but the way they personalize your experience is turning heads in the designer glasses industry. What truly stands out about Rivet & Sway, compared to several other online designer glass stores, is how much they invested in their packaging design. The intricate details are all intended so that their customers feel like they are opening a present when they receive the glasses to try on! Their home try-on shipping box caught our eye during a Product N Press event in New York City, and we got a chance to interview the design partners that were behind the gorgeous design: Henry Yiu of Yiu Studio. See our short interview below!

RR: What is the first impression you hope Rivet & Sway customers will have when receiving this package in the mail?

HY: We wanted each customer to feel giddy upon first seeing the package in their mailbox. It had to look so deliciously cool that they’d set aside all other mail and immediately turn their attention to the Rivet & Sway box.

RR: How does your packaging design represent the Rivet & Sway brand?

HY: The brand captures a boutique sensibility with a practical and nostalgic vibe. To punctuate the boutique store experience, we designed the packaging to be a multi-layered luxury gift with whimsical surprises. To project practicality and nostalgia, we used metal, wax string and craft paper and contrasted it with flowing filigree and calligraphy—the kind of materials you don’t see all that often anymore but that feel wise, timeless and loved.

All of these elements also echo the name Rivet & Sway itself, which underscores the idea of combining forces to provide a personalized customer experience. That’s the true hallmark of a successful boutique.

RR: What was your biggest inspiration in creating this design?

HY: Our biggest inspiration was luxury retail boutiques, where everything feels considered and imbued with great style and quality.

Rivet & Sway Packaging Design by Yiu Studio

Rivet & Sway Packaging Design by Yiu Studio

Rivet & Sway Packaging Design by Yiu Studio

Rivet & Sway Packaging Design by Yiu Studio

From the interview, it certainly sounded like Rivet & Sway and Yiu Studio invested a lot to introduce elements of delight and surprise while combining function and cost-effectiveness into the design. Do you think they were successful? We do!

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What do you think of the Rivet & Sway packaging design?


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