In this 2011 penthouse redesign project, Copenhagen-based Juilden de Smedt (JDS) Architects found a way to bring greenery into a densely populated neighborhood by making use of one of the most neglected spaces in any home: the rooftop. In order to do this, they made use of the newly-designed top floor to integrate the sun room into the creation of the “missing garden.” According to JDS Architects:

The hedonistic rooftop is reflected in a playground with shock-absorbing surface and a playful suspension bridge, a green hill with varying accommodation backed by real grass and durant vegetation, a viewing platform, an outdoor kitchen and barbecue, and a more quiet wooden deck. We seek to optimize and fully exploit the situations the site has to offer, and thereby design a potential for the future exploitation of the roof to the delight of all the co-op’s residents.

With their thoughtful creation, the rooftop (formerly the signal that we have reached the end of a building) has become an ideal situation for both children and adults. With a playground with a shock-absorbing surface, toy rope bridge, green hill with real grass, outdoor kitchen, and barbeque, the result is a multi-functional and useful space. [via Bonytt]


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