Even if your eyes aren’t glued to the TV, having Christmas movies on in the background while you wrap gifts and bake goodies is a great way to get into the spirit of the season. There are lots of classic movies out there to enjoy during this time of the year, but only one Christmas movie is responsible for starting the tradition: Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

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Rudolph the Reindeer (Billie Mae Richards) was born with a bright red nose. His parents attempt to cover it up, but Rudolph’s odd schnoz refuses to be discreet, and earns him the ridicule of all of his reindeer peers. Rudolph’s red nose also gets him kicked out of the reindeer games, meaning he won’t be allowed to learn how to pull Santa’s sleigh.

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Rudolph runs away, and finds a friend in an elf named Hermey (Paul Soles) who is also running away. Hermey is a toy-maker, but what he really wants to be is a dentist, and his aspirations are mocked by all of the other elves.

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Rudolph and Hermey meet a prospector named Yukon Cornelius (Larry Mann), who has ambitions of finding silver and gold, and they all start traveling together. Rudolph’s bright nose attracts the attention of the Abominable Snow Man, who chases the trio onto an iceberg, which leads them to the Island of Misfit Toys.

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The Misfit Toys are the rejects that no kid would want—like Charlie-in-the-Box—and they’re all ruled by a winged lion named King Moonracer (Stan Francis). King Moonracer allows the three travelers to stay for the night on the condition that they tell Santa about the Misfit Toys, and find them all loving homes. But when they leave, Rudolph doesn’t return to the North Pole, hoping to protect his friends.

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Eventually, Rudolph does go back, and he finds that his parents have been captured by the Abominable Snowman after they went out looking for him. Things work out, but we can’t tell you how without spoiling it. Anyway, you probably know how it ends: Santa (also Stan Francis) chooses Rudolph to guide his sleigh through a storm.

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Making its debut on December 6, 1964, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is narrated by Burl Ives and is a wonderful Christmas movie for kids and adults alike!

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