Artist Collaborates with 2-Year-Old Daughter and Creates Works of Art

When artists collaborate with other artists the outcome is always unimaginable. Together they bring their skills forward and create masterpieces that display the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. So, what happens when collaboration happens between a mother and her 2-year-old daughter? Magic.

Every mother believes that whatever their child does is wonderful and they are full of so much potential, no matter what criticism anyone else may have to offer. But in this case, mother and Canadian artist Ruth Oosterman wanted the world to share her daughter Eve’s artwork and I think everyone who sees them can agree that this 2-year-old, who was simply doodling for fun, created the perfect groundwork for some amazing pieces.


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Ruth Oosterman

Ruth Oosterman

Ruth Oosterman

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Ruth Oosterman

Ruth Oosterman

Together the dynamic duo created beautiful paintings full of energetic, abstract lines with beautiful detail. After the young artist doodled, Ruth and Eve spoke about Eve’s creations so that Oosterman could get a feel for the ideas behind the lines drawn, then she went on to transform the jumbles into vibrant paintings of portraits, landscapes and wildlife.


The stability of chaos with realism is the foundation for the self-taught artist’s paintings as she learns to balance between realism and the freedom of imagination. Although she transforms her daughters work into something new, Oosterman makes it so that the conclusive paintings maintain her daughter’s original lines as the foundation of the work.

“One of the most important things to me about collaborating with Eve is to make sure her vision is included and the finished piece still contains portions and shapes of her original piece,” explains Oosterman.

See more of Ruth Oosterman’s work on her website and visit her “The Mischievous Mommy,” blog.

All images and video via The Mischievous Mommy blog

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Have Ruth and Eve inspired you to collaborate with a loved one soon?

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