SCiO Pocket Sensor Measures Molecular Makeup of Just About Anything

scio pocket sensorHave you ever wanted to know the alcohol content of that beer you’re about to slurp down or how many grams of sugar are in your apple? There’s a new mini gadget in town, and it’ll tell you all of this information by scanning and delivering the details right to your smartphone! The SCiO instantly measures the molecular fingerprint of just about anything you see, and it fits in your pocket.

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scio pocket sensorWith the SCiO, you can scan food, medicines, plants, oil and fuels, and even plastics. Eventually, you will also be able to scan almost any physical material, track your scans, and share with your friends with the device.

It non-intrusively reads the chemical makeup of materials via a no-touch optical sensor that provides a seamless user experience, so you can discover the world around you with just the click of a button.

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scio pocket sensorWith every scan, SCiO learns more, which helps us learn more about our surrounding environment and the objects we interact with daily. In fact, the device has already been taught some interesting things like how much fat is in your salad dressing, how pure the oil you’re using is, and how much sugar is in a particular piece of fruit you’re having for lunch.

The gadget can be taught to identify and analyze the items most important to you, such as if you want to know the actual molecular composition of the plastic containers in which you’re storing (and perhaps microwaving) your food. While we might not always want to know how many calories are in the various kinds of food we’re consuming, the device makes it possible for those on strict diets. Other apps will even tell you the ripeness of fruit or whether the meats or dairy products in your fridge have gone bad, so you don’t get sick.

scio pocket sensor

Photos courtesy of Consumer Physics

What else could this technology possibly be used for? In the future, we might be able to use SCiO to measure the properties of cosmetics, clothes, rubber, and even pets! SCiO will only get better at measuring more of these things with time as people use it for their own purposes. Every time you use SCiO, you’ll help build a database of knowledge.

While it shouldn’t be used for treating or preventing serious medical conditions like allergies, SCiO is great for anyone wanting instant information about the things they interact with and consume every day. You can even pre-order the SCiO and get free apps today.

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What would you measure with this nifty pocket sensor?

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