D*Haus: Origami House that Changes Shape to Face the Sun

UK-based designers David Ben Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson have created an architectural concept that could revolutionize the field: a shape-shifting origami house that could morph into eight different configurations to respond to seasonal, meteorological and even astronomical conditions. The house can adapt from winter to summer or even day to night by literally moving inside of itself. The revolutionary home concept is based on the work of 20th century mathematician Henry Dudeny, in which the mathematical formula transforms an equilateral triangle into a square, and so on. Additionally, the whole building would be able to rotate to follow the direction of the sun throughout the day.

The layout consists of 2 bedrooms, an open-plan living room and bathroom, but the plan is flexible and can be adapted to accommodate different living situations.

Woolfson and Grünberg launched The D*Haus Company to develop the concept for the experimental house, which was first conceived as part of Grünberg’s graduation project. According to Grünberg:

It was originally devised as a home for Lapland to deal with extreme temperatures. Not many people know it, but they have warm summers and also really cold winters.

They have since developed the concept so that this origami house could be used anywhere in the world.

D*Haus: Origami House that Changes Shape to Face the Sun

D*Haus: Origami House that Changes Shape to Face the Sun

Watch a video of how the house will conceptually work below:

What do you think of this origami house concept?

[Images via Daily Mail]


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