Shark Week Sharpie

Let’s take a regular Sharpie. Great for drawing on your friends’ faces, but also for making bold and permanent notes (or doodles) to yourself, there is no doubt of a Sharpie’s staying power. This is true and obvious both on a desk and in society. As a matter of fact, Sharpie is actually not the (legally) correct term for these permanent markers. Seeing as how the name has been trademarked under a specific company, calling other generic permanent markers “Sharpies” would just be plain wrong. Take things like “Scotch Tape”, “Thermos”, or “Aspirin”. Did you know these are actually all trademarked names that have now been genericized? The more you know!

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This goes to show the breadth and depth of the Sharpie diffusion. Due to its classic and mainstream qualities, the Sharpie hasn’t transformed much over the years. Despite a few product additions coming in the form of different colors and point thickness variations, there has yet to be anything with a “WOW” factor. (However, this is not to say that we would not purchase Sharpies in every single color…)

In comes Shark Week.

Yes, in case you were not yet aware, it is Shark Week and we are huge fans. While perusing through talented artist and designer’s tributes to Discovery Channel’s week-long event, we stumbled upon this  incredible concept design under the name of “Sharkie”. Intrigued, we investigated further.

Featuring the saying, “Live every week as if it were Shark Week” – a 30Rock quote – our interest was obviously piqued by this redesign.

Shark Week Sharpie 2

As you can see, the focus of Bobby Reichle‘s concept design was the Sharpie cap. Typically smooth and standard-looking, the Sharkie would transform it into something that is not only functional, but also coveted. With the Sharkie, you could truly live every week as if it were Shark Week, in addition to emphasizing the importance and style of the cap. Say goodbye to what we have diagnosed as “cap carelessness” which leads to dried out markers. You will never want to lose the cap again.

How cool is it that something so simple can make such a statement?

Shark Week Sharpie 5

Shark Week Sharpie 3

Shark Week Sharpie 4

Shark Week Sharpie 6

All images via Bobby Reichle

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