ShelfPack: Is This The Ultimate Travel Necessity?

shelfpack suitcase portable dresserRummaging around your suitcase for the bottom half of your swimsuit isn’t the ideal situation once you get to your destination when you just want to get out to the beach. Now travelers can stay organized with a cool new suitcase that converts into a pre-packed, portable dresser in mere seconds! The ShelfPack suitcase is a game-changer for those on the go.

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It even makes sorting clean clothes from dirty laundry much easier while you’re on your trip. Of course, it might still be easier to store your clothes in drawers for longer hotel stays, but it definitely beats digging through tangled clothes or keeping them nicely rolled up and out of the way in your suitcase for a few days (or if you’re hopping from hostel to hostel on a Euro trip).

shelfpack suitcase portable dresserWhile it’s slightly larger than your average suitcase, and still not as tech-savvy as other suitcases on the market now with fancy bells and whistles like Bluetooth, GPS, displays, speakers, built-in weighing scale, and more, this regular suitcase is armed with a highly functional and practical feature — a built-in shelving system.

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shelfpack suitcase portable dresserThe rolling ShelfPack suitcase comes equipped with a pair of telescoping supports that can be extended to transform into a makeshift dresser-on-wheels on the fly. Travelers can keep garments wrinkle-free and organized within a series of four collapsible and erectable shelves, and smaller toiletries and miscellaneous items can be placed in three outer pockets as well.

When the suitcase is in transit, the shelves retract into the case’s body, and when you’re ready to set up the dresser, the support poles pull out and lock into place giving you a clean, organized look at your entire travel wardrobe. Just pre-organize your clothes as you pack, and you’ll be good to go. You won’t have to worry about completely ruining your packing efforts while searching for one specific shirt!

Watch it in action here:

Photos and video courtesy of ShelfPack

While the ShelfPack might not be carry-on friendly or even the cheapest suitcase on the block at around $350, it’s definitely not the most expensive. But for the convenience of staying organized and sane while on the road, this might be one of the most genius travel innovations yet. Get yours at the ShelfPack website before your next big trip. They’re shipping now via California-based McKaba Luggage.

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