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shwood newspaper collection eyewearWhat if we could return paper into some version of its original state? Using a proprietary in-house technique to recycle old newspapers, Portland-based eyewear purveyor Shwood has successfully created a cool, new collection of sunglasses for the summer. What started as an experiment, turned into the Shwood Newspaper Collection, which features unique eyewear pieces with a wood-like texture.

shwood newspaper collection eyewearWith their classic take on Ray-Ban Wayfarers made from exotic woods like Zebrawood, East Indian Rosewood, and Cherry, Shwood’s next project features a design that doesn’t actually involve wood at all. The new technique essentially involves winding up 1,600 feet of old newsprint into 4-inch diameter “logs,” which are then sliced into thin piles to reveal the hidden grainy texture within.

shwood newspaper collection eyewearThe newly created newsprint material is then treated like a thin veneer, and applied to the temples of the wooden and cellulose-acetate versions of Shwood’s signature Canby model. The final product has a design that looks like pieces of aged and faded wood were used. The patterns of dense lines, subtle grain, and even a little leftover text make each pair stand out.

shwood newspaper collection eyewearCheck out the entire process here:

The Shwood Newspaper Collection consists of three versions of their signature Canby model, which includes Fifty/Fifty Acetate and Wood Original with newspaper temple inlays, and Wood Select with a full-frame layer of the unique material. The currently sold-out Select model, which was limited to a production of 50 pieces, have newspaper plastered onto the entire frame. Prices range from $229-380 for the sunglasses, and $320-410 for frames with prescription lenses.

shwood newspaper collection eyewearshwood newspaper collection eyewearPhotos and video via Shwood

In the end, Shwood has both produced chic-looking shades and developed a unique, new way to recycle and reuse old materials. It makes us wonder what manufacturing techniques companies will think of next for aesthetic purposes while simultaneously addressing environmental issues.

You can shop the entire Shwood Newspaper Collection, which is available right now at the Shwood Eyewear online store right here.

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