Sologic’s New Solar Powered eTrees Offer Free Wi-Fi and Phone Charging to Community

sologic solar powered etreesOf course you would expect to see some real trees in a nature reserve, but you might not have encountered this new species springing up from the ground before. Created by Israeli renewables firm Sologic, the eTree model is helping communities branch out into greener pastures by generating electricity and conserving energy from the sun using mounted solar panels. Sologic recently planted the first of its kind in the Ramat Hanadiv Nature Park in Israel.

The eTree can power electric and USB charging points for mobile devices, free Wi-Fi for the surrounding area, an LCD screen providing information to visitors, and facilitate light during the night hours. It can even chill the water fountains and water troughs for passersby and their thirsty pets. The solar panels also provide some shade to those resting on the benches below.


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sologic solar powered etrees

sologic solar powered etreesAt it’s maximum, one seven-panel eTree can output 1.4 kilowatts, which is enough to run 35 laptops. A battery storing excess power is used to light the area at night using LEDs and provide backup power on cloudy days.

Watch their short video for an overview of how the eTree works:

Designed with residential and urban areas like courtyards, schools, universities and parks in mind, Sologic’s eTree can be configured according to its location’s needs. You don’t necessarily need a seven-panel configuration to provide a convenient public facility–even a smaller setup will do. For its first sales, Sologic is targeting cities in China and France.

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sologic solar powered etrees

Images via Sologic; h/t NPR

Partly a social-environmental enterprise supplying green energy and partly ecological sculpture art, Sologic’s eTree promotes environmental awareness and sustainability as much as it does a connection between the community and the environment. Future tree models will potentially be built to include technology that helps condense water from the air in addition to showcasing touch screens to display information or give internet access. Built-in cameras might even connect people under a solar tree with those under solar trees across the globe. The idea is to bring the community–whether it’s the one in your immediate proximity or one halfway around the world–together.

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